Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I just sent in my resignation letter today. I have been staying in the same company for the pass 3 years (2 actually offseting 1 year of unpaid leave during my pregnancy and delivery for Preston).

There are many reasons for me making this decision. One of the many reasons is that I feel burnt out, burning out of energy, burning out of motivation. I know it feels like an ostrich by changing job and I know it does not solve the root problem.

I don't know if this happens to all working people. The cycle is like:

Proudly graduated and obtain a degree from some so called prestigious college or uni ->
reseaching for resume templates ->
start writing resume that you think looks great by ->
Submit your resumes to almost all possible job openings hopinng to get a job ->
wait.. wait.. wait ->
Called for an interview and you feel so happy like you have striked 4D ->
Got a job offer and you fee so happy like you have striked Toto ->
First day of work... excited... motivated ->
Love the job because you get to do something different from studying and getting paid or hate the job because it is not what you have expected->
... number of yrs gone by ->
Think you are underpaid/overworked/the job is not challenging enough... ->
Look for another so called better opportunity ->

... and the cycle goes on and on... And, admit it or not, that is the reality for almost everyone. It is a vicious cycle unless you break it through.

This is very true because this sums up all the complains from their lifes from people that I know, from my ex-class mates or my ex-work mate...

You simply cannot change the reality that you are working for someone and getting paid. Life needs to go on... You need to cling on

So, are you making a living or designing a life?


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